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Grand Magus Swedish doom heavy metal

Grand Magus

Even if we try to discuss going in this or that direction, we might end up in the other anyway... read more »

Helloween German power metal


I think going back to happy, happy Helloween is probably the right direction... read more »

Voivod prog thrash Canada


There is a couple of tracks that combine all the elements of the different Voivod eras... read more »


W.A.S.P. live photo 2012


Not many expected that after years of playing short sets Blackie would actually go for a 2-hour... read more »

Iced Earth live photo 2012

Iced Earth

The band should be much bigger as they sound like noone else and no young bands... read more »

Adrenaline Mob live photo 2012

Adrenaline Mob

The modern and heavy but very catchy brand of rock/metal as played by Adren... read more »


Testament - Dark Roots of Earth cover
Europe - Bag of Bones cover

Bag of Bones


At Vance - Facing Your Enemy cover